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Where We Work


Our residency program is proud to be part of our large medical campus with a variety of clinical sites and opportunities to serve our diverse patient populations.

Our main sites (JMH, UM Medical, Miami VAMC) are on our medical campus and located within walking distance from each other.

Our family medicine clinic Jefferson Reaves (JRC) is a 5-minute drive from campus. Our medical campus is easily accessible by public transportation or major highways.

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Jackson Memorial Hospital (JMH) is the main clinical site for our family medicine residency program. As the third largest teaching hospital in the United States, Jackson Memorial Hospital fosters an academic environment that supports the education and training of our residents to continue producing excellent physicians. Our residents are exposed to a wide range of medical subspecialties in our outpatient, inpatient, and urgent/emergency settings. As the only county hospital serving Miami-Dade County, Jackson Memorial Hospital has over 1550 inpatient beds and allows our residents the opportunity to provide care to the most underserved populations. Our residents have experience with a wide range of pathologies while serving our community.

 Jefferson Reaves Clinic (JRC)

Jefferson Reaves Clinic (JRC) is our family medicine practice. A clinical home to our Family Medicine Residency Program, JRC is located in the historic Overtown community of Miami, between downtown and the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital Medical Center — less than five minutes away from our medical center. Our residents learn to work with patients from a variety of educational, cultural, and financial backgrounds, enabling them to care for a variety of patient populations on graduation. Our family medicine practice provides care and treatment in three different languages: English, Spanish, and Creole. Roughly 60-70% of our patients are Spanish-speaking and 10-15% Haitian Creole. Our residents are able to treat patients in our clinic and continue care if that patient is admitted to Jackson Memorial Hospital.


The Bruce W. Carter Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC) is located across the street from Jackson Memorial Hospital. It serves our veterans of three South Florida counties (Miami-Dade, Broward, and Monroe) and is the tertiary referral center for the West Palm Beach VAMC. Our residents rotate at our Miami VAMC’s post-deployment and women’s health clinics. There is also opportunity to rotate at their primary care and geriatrics clinics. This is the home base for Jackson’s geriatrics fellowship.

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