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Jackson Memorial Hospital (JMH) is our main location for rotations throughout our 3-year family medicine residency program. We are proud to have our own family medicine inpatient service at Jackson Memorial Hospital, and our residents' family medicine clinic is Jefferson Reaves Clinic (JRC) - a 5-minute drive from campus. Below is a snapshot of locations by PGY.


Typically all intern rotations are on our University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital medical campus. This includes all inpatient and emergency rotations which are within easy walking distance on campus.


PGY1s have on average one half day of clinic at our family medicine practice called Jefferson Reaves Clinic (JRC).

PGY1s have 4 weeks of electives on campus.


Continuation of our family medicine inpatient service, plus MICU and emergency medicine also on campus. Urgent care rotation at our UHealth Jackson Urgent Care locations within Miami-Dade county. Orthopedics rotation at private practice in Miami. Community pediatrics at a local high school clinic. Exposure to practice management.

PGY2s increase their continuity clinic at JRC to an average of three half-days per week. PGY2s enjoy the flexibilty of elective and research blocks.


Final weeks of family medicine inpatient distributed throughout the year. Typically, no additional inpatient or emergency rotations in PGY3. Sports Medicine rotation at the University of Miami Lennar Medical Center at our Coral Gables campus. Practice management at various locations in Miami including UHealth. Extra procedure exposure at Jackson’s urgent care locations in Miami-Dade. Community pediatrics at a Jackson clinic .


Additional elective and research opportunities. PGY3s have an average of four clinic sessions per week at Jefferson Reaves Clinic (JRC).

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