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Rachel Arens, MD

The University of Toledo

College of Medicine and Life Science

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Hobbies: hiking, photography, plants 

Favorite thing about FM: prevention and community health 

Fav food: pasta 

Go to spot in Miami: Bill Baggs State Park 

Coffee: sweet, I like hazelnut or caramel creamers and cafe con leche

Why UM/JMH: As it was the final leg of medical training, I wanted to enter a residency program where the faculty are passionate. Each faculty member is extremely passionate about patient care, evidence-based medicine, and encouraging the professional and academic growth of each resident.


Callie Bartkowiak, MD

Wayne State University School of Medicine

Hometown: Traverse City, MI

Hobbies: cooking, pickleball, beach volleyball, restaurant hopping, wine tasting, reading, baking, traveling 

Favorite thing about FM: the variety. I love that I can see anything from newborn to geriatrics, from hypertension to prenatal care all within one clinic day.

Fav food: depends on the day but probably sushi or a nice salmon salad.

Go to spot in Miami: I just moved down here three months ago but so far one of my favorite places has been Paperfish in Brickell and they have an amazing happy hour. 

Coffee: I actually don’t drink coffee, it has too much caffeine for me surprisingly. I am a big green tea girl.

Why UM/JMH: When I interviewed, the program really had a strong sense of family amongst the residents and faculty and that was one thing I was looking for. Furthermore, the community of patients we work with is so diverse in so many ways.


Julianna Brown, MD

The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

Hometown: Mystic, CT

Hobbies: Baking elaborate cakes, dancing, swimming, taking naps with my cats, gardening, skincare

Favorite thing about FM: The breadth of practice and the ability to build long-term relationships with patients

Fav food: Ramen! 

Go to spot in Miami: Any beach but especially Haulover

Coffee: the largest cold brew available 

Why UM/JMH: I found this program to be truly unique in how devoted residents, faculty, and coordinators are not just in training excellent clinicians but also in going above and beyond to show up for our patients. I feel this program has been a great fit for learning how to be creative and dedicated to providing care in resource-limited settings.


Jonel Joisil, MD

Ross University School of Medicine


Hometown: Fort Pierce, FL

Hobbies: Singing, running, bible study, anime, playing the piano, basketball, learning new skills 

Favorite thing about FM: I can see any given person regardless of age, gender, socioeconomic status and treat them like a person.

Fav food: Haitian food, more specifically Legume.

Go to spot in Miami: Le Cap Haitian Restaurant.

Coffee: Caramel Macchiato with a splash of diabetes

Why UM/JMH: It's hard to say what my favorite aspects of the program are but for starters the location! The support of the staff and residents, they are truly genuine. I feel like I am family. Finally, the learning opportunity is second to none. You will experience and gain the confidence to shape your interest as a physician.


Isha Kothari, DO

Nova Southeastern University Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Hobbies: Cooking, Dancing, Traveling, Eating at new restaurants 

Favorite thing about FM: Developing relationships with patients through continuity and getting to see everyone: from the cute, chubby babies to the lovely elderly and everyone in between!

Fav Food: Khao Soi (specifically from Lung Yai Thai Tapas in Lil Havana) 

Go to spot in Miami: Brickell Key for a beautiful walk and stunning city views at night 

Coffee: I don’t drink coffee, but I love a good boba milk tea! 

 We have such an energetic group of residents and faculty all of whom are so kind, passionate about the art of medicine and patient care, and are committed to helping you achieve your full potential. I knew it was a good fit as soon as I interviewed and even more, after I started since the warm energy I felt was unmatched and they really made me feel like I was a part of the family. Plus b
eing at the first Family Medicine program in the country is an absolute honor and seeing the wide variety in patient population and pathologies!

perez sanchez.jpg

Dayana Perez Sanchez, MD

University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine

Hometown: Miami, FL

Hobbies: Foodie, Beach 

Favorite thing about FM: how flexible the specialty is and how you can tailor it to meet your interests. I like being able to rotate and learn through different specialties and pick up skills from each of them.

Fav food: Ribeye with mashed potatoes and a coke 
Go to spot in Miami: La Diosa taqueria 

Coffee: brown sugar oatmeal shaken espresso 

Why UM/JMH: My favorite aspect of this program is how warm, kind, and welcoming the residents and faculty are. As a Latina, I love that I get to live in this beautiful and vibrant community where I am able to serve a diverse patient population and use my cultural background to connect with patients of different nationalities. 


Pier Pointdujour, MD

USF Health Morsani College of Medicine

Hometown: Miami, FL

Hobbies: Playing Nintendo Switch, eating!!, working out, going to the movies, kayaking, and wearing my Crocs 

Favorite thing about FM: I love that we can always see something new and exciting with a broad spectrum of care. We also get to know our patients on a much deeper and interesting level in FM

Fav food: Ramen/pho, sushi, popcorn, chips

Go to spot in Miami: When I go out, I like to try different places
Coffee: I prefer tea! But if I go to Starbs I usually will get a frappucino as a treat

Why UM/JMH: A very strong sense of community and camaraderie among residents, faculty, and staff. 

Starting at a new hospital with new expectations and so much to learn as an intern was intimidating at first, but I have found that the people here are genuinely welcoming, kind, and supportive which has made the transition incredibly enjoyable.


Cianna Perez-Castañeda, MD

USF Health Morsani College of Medicine

Hometown: Coral Springs, FL

Hobbies: All things Disney, spending time with my family and friends, going to the gym, trying out new restaurants

Favorite thing about FM: “whole person” approach to medicine. Women’s health, pediatrics, and outpatient medicine all in one specialty!

Fav food: It’s a tie between sushi and hot pot

Go to spot in Miami: The Salty Donut

Coffee: Cafe con leche

Why UM/JMH: The warm personalities of the residents and how we all come together to support each other. Jackson FM is the perfect place to care for and advocate on behalf of undeserved, diverse patients. We are exposed to a wide range of pathology that is difficult to encounter elsewhere. 

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